Reduce Inflammation 

Improve Sleep

Elevate Mood 

Boost Metabolism 

Promote Blood Circulation 

Boost Immune System

Speed Up Recovery

Improves Appearance of Skin

Lowers Stress

Reduces Muscle Soreness

Improves Athletic Performance 

Treatments are 2-3 Minutes 

4 Levels of Controlled Temperature 


Activate Collagen Production

Regain Elasticity 

Increase skins capacity to rejuvenate itself

Tighten skin 

Reduce Inflammation & Puffiness 

Increase Circulation 

Treatments are 12-15 minutes 


Alleviate Pain & Inflammation 

Speed Up Recovery 

Penetrates Deep into Layers of Tissue to increase blood circulation 

Can Improve the appearance of cellulite 

Treatments are anywhere from 4 minutes to 30, depending on area 

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